Sunday, 7 February 2010

Thank You

I am so grateful to all of those people who attended my exhibition at the end of last year.
Photograph by Alan Marron.

My time since then has been a whirlwind of Christmas, commissions and schoolwork! Portraits are extremely intense things to work on, and a number of these have devoured great chunks of my days.

"The Naughton Boys"

With the last commission on the board, and half term fast approaching, it is time to venture forth and look to future artistic challenges.

Encouraged by the many constructive comments and ideas I have received, I am inspired to combine people, places, objects , and an element of the ordinary and the domestic. a tall order perhaps? Any thoughts would be most welcome.


  1. Dear Fiona

    it was lovely to be at your very successful exhibition and even lovelier to run away with some of your first class work. One of them is now safely ensconced in London.

    Your portrait of the Nauchton Boys looks wonderfully mediaeval...


  2. Wow, Fiona you have such a gift for capturing a likeness...that is a wonderful portrait! Have you made a copy for each of them?!


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