Monday, 23 November 2009

Intimacy and Disconnection

Creating artwork is a very intimate activity, and I constantly endeavour to put something of myself into my paintings.

Of course there are times when an element is quite literally part of my life. In this picture I wanted a focal point in the foreground, and included an image of my husband and son, in an attempt to draw the viewer into the scene.

However,in my opinion, every mark and brushstroke should identify me as the artist. I always hope each piece will reveal a tiny part of me.

Having worked with such intensity, it is often hard to look at my own work objectively.

Recently seeing my work reproduced in a calendar gave me some opportunity to view certain images through fresh eyes.

But with my exhibition fast approaching I have bundled all of my framed works away, and will not look at them again until they are hung on Thursday.

I now hope to feel sufficiently disconnected to view the gallery walls at my exhibition with pride and satisfaction.

Fiona Naughton

The Spennymoor Settlement

Preview Evening Friday 27th November 2009

7pm to 9pm

All are welcome!


  1. Enjoy your exhibition Fiona! - is the calendar on sale to the public?

  2. Thanks for your comment Marie.I am looking forward to the exhibition, and I'm sure it will be enjoyable when the time comes.My calendars are for sale and unbelievably I have sold more than 90. There are only a few left!

  3. You write so well about your art for us non-artists Fiona. I am sure the exhibition will be a great success and look forward to being there... I like the photo of your paintings all ready for off...
    See you


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