Sunday, 14 March 2010

People and Places

A beautiful view is always appealing, and most of us enjoy the spectacle of a dramatic landscape, but my latest endeavour is to see beauty and drama in the ordinary.
Durham Shoppers (Detail)

I hope that the incorporation of figures in my latest compositions will act as an invitation to the viewer, to share this beauty.
Durham Shoppers(Detail)

Recognition and familiarity should enable a swifter passage into the world of the painting, and indeed, into my world.

As I encourage others to delight in the theatre of everyday life, I also hope to express just a little more of myself.

Durham Shoppers (Detail)
Painting is a very personal activity and I always aim to give everything I do a certain hallmark, but now want to be more intimate and searching.

Durham Shoppers (for sale £90)

Power Within

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