Friday, 16 October 2009

The Story Behind The Image

Working towards my exhibition preview on November 27th, I don’t often take as much time as I should for reflection. However Yesterday I had the opportunity to share my portfolio with a friend, and we discussed the inspiration behind various different pieces.
Now I am left questioning whether it is the process of making art, or the memories evoked by the process, which brings most pleasure.

Two recent works were inspired by a wonderful holiday my husband and I shared in Seahouses about three years ago.

We spent one bright autumnal day, during our visit, walking between Seahouses and Bamburgh along the beach.

This is such a well known view of Inner Farne, but I hope it does evoke something of the stingingly fresh air on our faces, and the merest hint of sea spray . For me it also brings back the memory of the inviting warmth of the pub at the end of our journey, and the fantastic hand cut ham sandwiches washed down with Guinness!
On a practical level this picture reintroduced me to the joys of masking fluid, and the spontaneity of working with a toothbrush.

The second walk during that stay found us exploring Holy Island. My husband has spent a great deal of time on the island in the past and was able to direct us to the most breathtaking of places. We stood for a long time on this rock as P. tried to capture the thrill and exhilaration of the crashing waves with his camera. I have endeavoured to do the same with water colour, and have discovered the ruthless but nevertheless exciting effects of household bleach on wet watercolour.
Which is greater: the joy of experimentation; the joy of creating; or the joy of memories?

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Discovering More of the Durham Coastline

When invited to produce some illustrations for The Tall Tales Project, by the Easington writers group, I could not have envisaged what wonderfully inspiring views I would encounter.

Obviously, as ever, I was drawn to the coast…

But a knowledgeable guide revealed so many interesting locations, with fascinating tales attached.

This is certainly an area my husband and I will visit and revisit.

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