Monday, 28 September 2009

A Big Splash

My current fascination with water is all consuming. It is such an elusive element to capture. Yesterday’s wonderful walk along the Easington coastline only inspired me further to continue my endeavours to capture the ever changing character of the sea.

Easington Coastline

I have studied rivers,

River Wear

River Tyne



Harbours ,


And calm waters. However, here is my first splash!

Not perfect, but sufficiently satisfactory to offer encouragement.

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

At Last

I have finally finished my coastal view which has been languishing on the drawing board for far too long!
It’s hard to find time to paint now that the school term has begun, but with an exhibition fast approaching I must get some of these images from my head and onto paper.
My preview night will be Friday November at the Spennymoor Settlement.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Chance Happenings

I was struck today, whilst painting, that the aspect of my work which most excites me is the ability to introduce an element of chance.

St Cuthbert's Island and the sort of atmospheric sky I strive for

There is something quite thrilling about the fact that the final image produced could, to some extent, be beyond my control.

These are my favourite tools for introducing chance, and encouraging random effects

Crumpled and folded cling film.

Water colour flows along tiny transparent veins before drying.

Sea salt.

It absorbs pigment in the wet water colour around it resulting in a wonderfully organic pattern.

Surgical spirit.

Applied sparingly, this slices through wet paint like a knife, leaving a ghostly trail behind it.

I am greedily trying to incorporate all of these techniques in this reworking of a costal view. The work is still in progress.

Beach banks between Easington and Horden.

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