Saturday, 26 September 2009

At Last

I have finally finished my coastal view which has been languishing on the drawing board for far too long!
It’s hard to find time to paint now that the school term has begun, but with an exhibition fast approaching I must get some of these images from my head and onto paper.
My preview night will be Friday November at the Spennymoor Settlement.


  1. Dear Fiona
    I have taken time to go back through your blog which I think is wonderful. You waken us up to the artist's eye and allow us a small share in your creation. I also like the liveliness of the notes attached to the pictures which reflect the style and personality of the pictures. Looking forward to your exhibition and to seeing any work on Easington. Can you include the date and the address of the venue in your next post for your eager fans???

  2. Thanks for your comments Wendy.The date of my exhibition preview will be November 27th at Spennymoor Settlement.After a really inspiring walk with M. yesterday there are lots of Easington works in the pipeline.I look forward to sharing them soon.
    Fiona X


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