Sunday, 30 August 2009

Killing the paper

For me it is impossible to relax when there is an unpainted sketch stretched on my drawing board.
The white paper teases and taunts me, daring me to make my mark.

The first bold stroke of wash kills the paper.

I am in charge, or am I?
Of course the very reason I love water colour must be something to do with my impatience.

It is necessary to work quickly with no time for hesitance or regret.

Am I satisfied with my achievements?
Never, however there is always another piece of white paper calling.


  1. Hello Fi,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're up to. I feel so lucky to have some of your paintings in our house; they give us pleasure every day.

    Lots of love, Dxx

  2. Thanks so much for you comment. I often think about where my paintings are now.At the moment I am working towards an exhibition in November and aim to document my progress here.I hope it will be of interest to you.
    Love FionaX

  3. How exciting! I look forward to seeing how everything develops. Of course, if you ever want to visit your paintings in situ, you're very welcome...Dx

  4. I love this opportunity to look at your working process, A is a revelation.
    Wendy x


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